Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camera Straps

After finding this tutorial from @PriddyCreations, I decided to make a camera strap cover for my boring Sony Alpha Camera Strap. Now I don't consider myself a professional anything, photog, sewer (seamstress, whatever you call people who sew) or cook. But I'm mildly good at all of them... well maybe not that far.

I can follow instructions. As long as I can find a tutorial written for a total idiot then I can sew anything. A good recipe that doesn't include too many big words or fancy ingredients is all I need to make a good dinner.

Photography has always been something that is not that easy. You have to have an eye for the right image. I have chosen just to shoot about 4,000 images to get one I like. But nonetheless, I have a nice fancy camera that I use regularly. I made this strap cover with limited trouble. She had good instructions.

So after feeling a little success, I got brave. I texted my cousin who takes BEAUTIFUL pictures you can see here. I secretly covet her talent. I asked her if she needed a new camera strap (forgetting to include the word 'cover') and she enthusiastically said 'Yes!' and that she really needed one that was long enough to sling over her shoulder. She is into wedding season now and will be on her Pregnant feet all summer. So, I figured i could easily adapt the tutorial from Priddy Creations and make the full strap. I used a dog collar for the straps and cut up an old makeup bag for the end parts that attach the straps. I think she really liked it. Go me!

I had to cut off my head so you wouldn't see the atrociousness of me without makeup.

Next up, I think I'll give the ruffle camera strap a try with the U Create June Challenge!

U Create

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