Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Wedding Tree Guestbook

As far as I'm concerned, the wedding guestbook is useless. I've never once looked back at mine nor do I think I'll ever do so. If I don't remember that you were at my wedding (though my wedding was huge) then I'm certainly not going to remember if I see your name on a page in your haphazardly scribed signature/writing in a bound album covered with white satin and the obligatory white tulle bow...

So when a close friend was getting married, and she's already prone to non-traditional things, I sought out creative things that I could help with. One thing I came across in my blog obsession aka affair was a wedding tree. I first saw it here. And after suggesting it to the bride and obtaining her approval, she gave me full rein to make this happen for her day.

I got a Michael's Coupon for 50% off canvases and combined that with a sale that was already going on... and voila! I had purchased 2 large canvases for about $3.

Next, I worked on painting the tree. I searched for a tree that I liked and printed it out to scale for the canvas. Then using a charcoal pencil I traced the outline of the tree. Flip that puppy over onto the canvas and I had a good start for painting the tree.

I then went to work painting the tree. Estimating the number of "leaf"s I'd have to accommodate, I added a few branches here and there.

Pretty soon, she was a lookin' good!

I got a few pictures of the final product.

For the thumbprint "Leaf"s I purchased some ink in the colors of green, brown and a lime-ish shade. They worked really well.

Don't forget the pen to have them sign, I used a sharpie like this. And, also baby wipes for guests to wipe off their thumb afterward.

Overall, it was a hit! And I think it's truly a guestbook that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. Only time will tell I guess. :) 

If you want to see the rest of the pics from that day, you can see them at my personal family blog here.

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